Community in the Cloud
ITNAmerica’s Annual Retreat 2021 October 20 – 21

Community in The Cloud

ITNAmerica’s 14th annual retreat is virtual and fast-paced, with national experts and opportunity for Q & A. Welcome to the Community in the Cloud. Please join us.

Registration is free and open to the public.

LEARN how to come together with other nonprofit transportation providers on an affordable technology platform to achieve the economies of scale previously unavailable in the nonprofit world.

CONNECT with the strength of community-based nonprofit transportation based on personal human relationships.

ENGAGE with a cloud-based national network on a shared technology platform and discover the strength of numbers.

Who should attend? ITNAmerica welcomes everyone who cares about community transportation:

  • The ITN Family of services—Affiliates, ITNCountry, Trusted Transportation Partners
  • All nonprofit and public transportation providers
  • Rural and small communities with little or no transportation
  • Local and national healthcare providers, businesses, foundations, philanthropists, governments
  • Adult children and families seeking a mobility solution for loved ones